Mailto Link Generator

Create mailto links with cc, bcc, subject and body

What are Mailto Links?

Mailto links are special hyperlinks that, when clicked, open the user's default email client or webmail service with a new pre-composed email. These links are created using the mailto: protocol followed by an email address. When a user clicks on a mailto link, it triggers the email client, pre-fills the recipient's email address, and provides a blank email message ready for composition.

Why Use Mailto Links?

Mailto links offer numerous benefits and are widely used in various scenarios. They enhance user experience by simplifying the process of sending emails, eliminating the need for users to manually copy and paste email addresses. Mailto links are especially valuable in web development, marketing campaigns, and contact forms, where they enable seamless and direct communication with email recipients.

How to Use the Mailto Link Generator:

  • Enter Email Address: Begin by entering the recipient's email address in the designated field. For example,
  • Add Subject (optional): If you wish to pre-fill the subject line of the email, enter the desired text in the "Subject" field. For instance, Regarding the upcoming event.
  • Compose Email Body (optional): If you want to provide a pre-composed email message, enter the text in the "Email Body" field. For example, Dear John, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to discuss the details of the upcoming event...
  • Add CC (optional): If you want to add recipients in the "CC" (carbon copy) field, enter their email addresses separated by commas. For example,,
  • Add BCC (optional): If you want to add recipients in the "BCC" (blind carbon copy) field, enter their email addresses separated by commas. For example,,
  • Generate Mailto Link: Click on the "Create" button to generate the mailto link based on your inputs.
  • Copy and Use: The generated mailto link will be displayed on the screen. Simply click the "Copy" button to copy the link to your clipboard. Then, paste the link in your desired location, such as a web page, email signature, or HTML code.

Special characters in the subject and body sections of the link are properly encoded by the generator using URL encoding.